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PHILIP F. ALI  Retired School Administrator (Specialist Teacher: Mathematics, Visual Arts & Computer Science)

9Z4WD/TEAM 102/NeedleBender 821/World Radio 001/WWS 821/ KP 821/SOA 002

I am located on the island of Trinidad, the Humming Bird Island in the West Indies. The most southerly of the tropical Caribbean islands. Seven miles off the North East coast of South America and also seven miles East of Venezuela.

My radio is the Cobra 2010GTL  with a Silver Eagle Final Edition mic beaming on the vertical. The creator and webmaster of five websites. Retired race-car driver (Competition #140 - Nissan 1200GX / 1275 GT Mini Group1/Class B)

I play the keyboard, tenor pan & tassa drum. I have orchestrated three consecutive National Junior Festival Steelband Champion titles for my school. I have been an 11 meter operator " The WitchDoctor" since the 70's. I also operate on the digital platform EchoLink and Peanuts.

Amateur Radio General Class Operator 9Z4WD.


Many thanks and appreciation to NeedleBender 777 Rick who offered me membership to this prestigious NeedleBender Radio Club on August 28, 2020 and NeedleBender 696 Dave with the confirmation on August 30, 2020. I am very honored to be NeedleBender821 Philip.

Google or Yahoo Search: "Philip Witchdoctor Trinidad."

My YouTube Channel is "WitchDoctor DXing."

My Amateur Radio Callsign: 9Z4WD 9Z4WD

Zello Channel Owner: 27.385 MHz LSB / 27.515 MHz LSB

TikTok: "philip-witchdoctor-trini."



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