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The World Wide NeedleBenders Club wa​s officially founded in 1973 by the COAX KIDD  out of California.​

The COAX KIDD started a club that consisted of only the elite operators and big strappers. They were chosen from the competition with other radio clubs in existence at that time. THE BULL SHIPPERSTHE TRUCKER TUCKER CLUB and THE VIOLATORS.

The original members were the President and founder The Coax Kidd, Brahma Bull, The Midnight Gambler and Bill Tucker who became the President after the Coax Kidd became a silent key.

Prior to President Bill Tucker passing, he appointed NeedleBender 409 Redd Fox out of Arkansas as President.

2005 Needlebender President 409 Redd Fox appointed Needlebender 777 Rick Tampa Florida   as President.

2010 NeedleBender President 777 Rick appointed NeedleBender 696 Dave California as President and assumed the post of Vice President up to present day 2021.

News update

I am informed that  as of today October 2021 NeedleBender 777 Rick Tampa Florida is back as President of the Club.


The NeedleBender Membership is strictly by invitation.


NeedleBender 777 Rick is listening. He will choose from who he hears.


NeedleBender Rick selects operators who sound loud, proud, kind and courteous to their fellow operators above all.


Only few are chosen as evidence in the NeedleBenders Members List on the NeedleBenders Facebook page and also on this website.


                                                                                    NEEDLEBENDER IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK 2022


                                                                              (Information courtesy NeedleBender79 Harry from the NeedleBender Facebook page)

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